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Need Help Around the House?  Rent a Husband!

You can buy just about anything in America. And if your need is short-term, you can rent it. We have rent-a-cops who provide security at events. There's Rent-a-Wreck, which can get you an older automobile to drive for awhile. And Rent-a-Geek, whose nerdy fellows and gals will fix your computer. There's Rent-a-Bike, Rent-a-Phone, and Rent-a-Villa, too.

And American women, in particular, can turn to something called Rent-a-Husband. Its slogan: Find a Husband Near You!

As you might guess, these husbands don't do EVERYTHING you wish your husband would do. They won't balance the checkbook or draw your bubble bath.

No, your Rent-a-Husband is on call to tackle your honey-do list: Honey, do this; honey, do that. For about $25 an hour, he'll paint your dining room or fix that broken lamp. He'll even rake your leaves -- all the things your REAL husband, if you have one, may be too busy, or too lazy, to do.

Rent-a-Husband is the brainchild of Kaile Warren, a Maine builder who was homeless and nearly hopeless after a serious car accident when he dreamed up the Rent-a-Husband idea.

Now he's so prosperous, a network morning show brings him on television regularly to give fix-it tips. Tall, dark, and handy, as he describes himself, he's sold Rent-a-Husband franchises across America. They promise to send you temporary husbands who are not just good, but also in a good mood, even if those nagging household chores have put you in a bad one.

No doubt budding entrepreneurs are dreaming up other rental-person ideas: Rent-a-Dance Partner, perhaps. Or Rent-a-Dinner Companion. Or even better, as one woman suggested from her wish list, a Rent-a-Good Listener!