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300,000 Internally Displaced Liberians Return Home

The United Nations says it has wrapped up an aid program that helped thousands of internally displaced Liberians return home.

A spokeswoman for the U.N. refugee agency, Annette Rehrl, said Friday that 314,000 Liberians have returned to their areas of origin.

The displaced Liberians had abandoned their homes during the country's civil war, which lasted more than a decade.

The process of returning them from 35 camps near the capital, Monrovia, began in November, 2004. The spokeswoman says the program cost the U.N. more than $24 million.

The U.N. provided the displaced Liberians with blankets, sanitary kits and other supplies. The world body also has promised to help them reconstruct their lives.

A ceremony marking the end of the operation was held Thursday at one of the former camps.

The U.N. says most of the Liberians who benefited from the program have returned to war-affected counties in Liberia's north and west.