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Zuma Rape Accuser Reported in Exile

A South African newspaper reports Thursday that the woman who accused former deputy president Jacob Zuma of rape has gone into exile. The report says the 31-year-old woman was taken to Johannesburg airport Wednesday night. On Monday, a judge found Zuma not guilty of the rape charge.

VOA reporter Delia Robertson is following the story. From Johannesburg, she spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about Zuma’s accuser. “

The authorities have not confirmed this. Only one newspaper has had the story, The Star newspaper…the story is written by three reporters, who have been following this case very closely. And they way they write it it seems as though possibly they were present at the airport or may have followed her out there because they described the vehicle and the number of bodyguards she had, etc,” she says. There’s no word on where she may have gone.

The woman has only been identified in the media by the name Kwayzi.” Robertson says, “Usually in rape cases the complainant is entitled to anonymity for the duration of the case. However, in this case the judge has issued an order as part of his judgment this week saying her identity may not be revealed.”

The only published picture of the woman shows her entering the courthouse with the face covered. However, Some of Zuma’s supporters circulated photos, which they burned in front of the courthouse and said the woman should be burned, too.

In his post acquittal interview, Zuma said his accuser should be allowed to lead a normal life. Robertson says, “I think the problem with what he said…was not what he said actually, but that it came so late. And the fact that even when he said that he had to be pressed to say that the behavior of his supporters was not correct. But her never outright condemned those people and he never did it at the time of that behavior.”