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New Sunscreen Protects Skin Better

A new ingredient in sunscreen is being called the most important advance in skin protection from the sun in 20 years.

Skin doctors say lying in the sun is bad for you. But many people still do it, despite the fact it can damage the skin.

One user says, "We need a good tan."

Today, many sun worshippers in the United States put on some form of sunscreen to protect themselves.

Another adds that it is a little inconvenient, "No, I don't mind it, but it's kind of a hassle [inconvenience]."

In recent years, sunscreens have become better at protecting skin from the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn, skin cancer, and other damage.

The most promising new lotions contain an ingredient called helioplex. They can provide protection from ultraviolet rays for twice as long as products without helioplex.

Dr. Allan Oseroff says sunscreens with helioplex are a big improvement. "The big news is that there are products now that both stay on the skin longer, and more importantly, continue to work longer."

There are also new sun protection pills on the market that are supposed to protect the skin against sun damage. But many people in the medical community, including Dr. Rachel Herschenfeld, are not convinced they've been scientifically proven to work.

"It would be great if we could get up in the morning, take a pill, and be protected from the damaging effects of UV rays on our skin all day long, but in reality, we're not there yet."

Doctors say a sunscreen lotion must have a rating of at least 15 for someone to get any real protection - even those products with helioplex.