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Kurdish Fighters Kill Two Turkish Soldiers, Wound Four Others

Kurdish guerrillas have killed two Turkish soldiers and wounded four others in two separate incidents Tuesday.

Security officials say two Turkish soldiers died when Kurdish guerrillas attacked a military convoy near Semdinli in southeastern Turkey. Two other soldiers were wounded in the attack.

In another incident in the region, a roadside bomb wounded two Turkish soldiers in Tunceli province.

Clashes between autonomy-seeking Kurdish guerrillas and Turkish troops have intensified recently. The clashes usually occur in southeastern Turkey near the border with Iraq. Kurdish guerrillas, based in northern Iraq, cross into Turkey to attack the soldiers.

Late Sunday, Kurdish rebels killed one Turkish soldier and wounded eight more in an ambush near the city of Bingol.

The Kurdish conflict has left more than 37,000 people dead since guerrillas from the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party took up arms in 1984.