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Ghana Telecom Faces Harsh Criticism

Ghana Telecom, the telecommunication giant in Ghana, is facing increased criticism regarding its service delivery. Despite its advantage, Ghana Telecom remains second to private cellular phone firms in its operations. Many allege its current woes to incompetence, mismanagement, and financial malfeasance. However, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Frode Haugen, says the company has come a long way. He spoke with Voice of America English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey about the successes the company has enjoyed.

“The most important achievement we have done over the last three years is that, we’ve been able to build up a very successful mobile network operation. Which is growing at an extremely fast rate these days. Secondly we have also managed to professionalize the company and one of the criteria for measuring the success has been our ability to train local people and transfer confidence. I see now we have a pool of young talents in the company who will be able to fill up positions when we will be leaving, so I think these are the two main criteria.”

Haugen says the company has developed many areas of its operations. “We have grown our mobile business to over a half a million subscribers at the end of last year that was basically a 300% increase. Because we started quite late in building our mobile network in Ghana Telecom bow this is the brand that is “one touch” today. And we believe today has the number tow position in the market offering quite a good competitive service in the Ghanaian market. So I think that is one strong criteria for success that we’ve been able to take the number two positions and also being the fastest growing mobile company. Of course it is subjective but that’s what we believe we have achieved last year. When it comes to measuring how successful we have been in bringing local talent into key positions I think I just like to mention that our CEO of our one touch operation Philip Sowah has been instrumental in making this a success.”

Haugen addresses customer complaints and financial problems Ghana Telecom is facing. “I think compared to some of the more matured countries it’s sad to say that quality or worse services in Ghana is still not good enough I think it applies to all the operators working in delivering services in Ghana. But I think a couple of reasons really are that the growth has been so tremendous that it’s been difficult to ramp up capacity in terms of network. I think we can also relate some of the issues to power outages on some of our base stations.”

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