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Croatia Requests Investigation of Video Recording Aired on Serbian TV 

Croatia's State Prosecutor's Office has requested a criminal investigation of a video recording that purports to show war crimes committed against ethnic Serbs in Croatia.

Serbian B-92 television, which aired the video last week, says it is an amateur recording taken during a military action Croatia carried out in 1995 to recapture its territories from Serb rebels.

B-92 says members of the Croatian paramilitary formation ("Black Mambas") and Bosnia-Herzegovina Army squad ("Hamze"), whose participation in the Operation Storm was not well-known, confronted ethnic Serbs fleeing Croatia and committed the crimes shown in the video.

A spokesman for the Croatian government said the video makes it obvious that members of the Croatian Army did not participate in the crimes. He also said there is no doubt that the recording was not made in Croatia, but rather in neighboring Bosnia.

Croatia's Interior Ministry, which has been charged with the investigation into the recording, said it is in contact with Bosnia's Prosecutor's Office.

The video reportedly shows the murder of a surrendered Serb with his hands in the air and the burning of houses belonging to refugees from the area between Glina and Dvor on the Una River. Reports also say it shows the harassment of elderly persons and refugees from an intercepted column.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.