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Bush: Bombing Plot Part of War With 'Islamic Fascists'


President George Bush says the airline terror plot disrupted by British authorities is a reminder that the United States is at war with what he called "Islamic fascists."

Mr. Bush spoke Thursday just hours after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued orders imposing new restrictions on items that U.S. airline passengers may bring on planes.

The president thanked British Prime Minister Tony Blair and British security officials for breaking up the alleged plot to bomb U.S.-bound airliners with liquid explosives.

Earlier Thursday, U.S. officials issued a code-red alert for commercial traffic from Britain, with a focus on flights by United Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines. The threat level for all other commercial flights to or from the United States was increased to code orange, indicating a high risk of attack.

People traveling to and from the U.S. will not be allowed to carry beverages, hair gels or lotions on board planes. Baby formulas are exempt from the ban, but will be examined.

Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff says there are no signs of plotting within the United States. But he said the plot uncovered in Britain was in its final planning stages.

Chertoff and FBI Director Robert Mueller said the plot has the earmarks of al-Qaida, but that no direct link has yet been established to the terrorist group.