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Edie Brickell Reunites With The New Bohemians

Remember the name Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians? Their quick rise and fall in the late '80s led rock fans to believe they had become just another one-hit wonder. But, the band is back.

With one of the biggest hit singles of 1988, "What I Am," and a million-selling debut album, Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians seemed destined for bigger and better things. But, with expectations riding high on their next album, instant success proved too much for the Texas quartet, and they quietly disbanded in 1991.

Brickell has managed to keep busy since then, releasing a few solo albums and raising three children with her husband, singer Paul Simon. It was Simon who inspired her to return to the studio with a reunited New Bohemians.

Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians mark their so-called "official true beginning" with Stranger Things. Reminiscent of the group's critically-acclaimed debut album, it basically picks up where the group left off: lyrical folk-rock, provocative songwriting and an exuberant lead singer who claims, "I've had some of the best times of my life jamming with these guys."

Call it an "official true homecoming," or the next chapter of a "Where are they now?" saga, Stranger Things will no doubt leave people wanting more. If Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians' first album is any indication, this one will certainly have fans rooting for a follow-up.