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Joshua Tree Foundation to Promote School Programs in Uganda

The Joshua Foundation, a nonprofit US based organization has set up camp in the Rakai District of Uganda. It will help subsidize the food costs of a school for orphans and promote educational programs. The organization hopes to use a 34 acre piece of land for agricultural operations to help feed the 5000 school children. John Brittel is the program director for this Joshua Foundation project. He spoke with VOA English to Africa reporter Douglas Mpuga before he left for Uganda; he explained why his organization chose to work in Southern Uganda.

“The school is represented in three districts of Kampala, Masaka, and Rakai. Our initial program consists of food distribution to students and the most needy families in Kyanamukaaka sub-county, which all falls under the organizations overall plan of Mission Possible 2012.”

Brittel says although a majority of the land will be used to sustain the education program for orphans, Joshua foundation is open to using part of the land to test out the commercial market. He said the Joshua Foundation will promote agriculture training, nutrition education, and micro-financing through community farming.

“I truly believe that life is an ongoing transformational experience. Our role will be to help the people in Kyanamukaaka create an economic cycle by assisting them invest in the land and guiding them on using other skills to better their lives.”

Brittle says given his first experience of Uganda and her people in November 2005, he is anxiously awaiting the work ahead.

The Joshua Foundation was founded five years ago and has operated in association with a Ugandan local organization in assisting marginalized populations such as orphans and needy families. John Brittel joined the Foundation as a volunteer three years ago.

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