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Hungarian Police Break Up Anti-Government Riot in Budapest

Hungarian police have fought with anti-government protesters in the capital, Budapest, for a second consecutive night.

Hungarian officials say about 60 people were injured in street battles around the headquarters of the ruling Socialist Party. Police detained around 100 people.

Tuesday night's violence began when small groups of rioters broke away from a peaceful rally of about 10-thousand people outside the Hungarian parliament.

Police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the rioters, who threw bottles and other objects and set fire to a police car.

The city was largely peaceful Wednesday morning, but small groups of protesters remained on the streets.

They are demanding that Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany resign after he admitted to lying about the economy to win elections.

The latest fighting in Budapest was not as violent as on Monday night, when 150 people were injured in street battles between police and rioters, who also briefly occupied the state television building.

The demonstrators were angered by a leaked audiotape of Prime Minister Gyurcsany. He talks on the tape about lying to voters for years about the economy in order to hold onto power.

Mr. Gyurcsany says he will not resign and has vowed to carry on with economic reforms.