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Bush Backs US House Speaker in Congressional Scandal

U.S. President George Bush says he supports the efforts of the top Republican leader in the House of Representatives to investigate a scandal involving former Congressman Mark Foley.

Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House Wednesday that he believes House Speaker Dennis Hassert will find out the truth.

Echoing Hassert's comments Tuesday, Bush called Foley's behavior "disgusting."

Bush also told reporters that he did not believe the scandal has hurt Hassert's credibility.

Foley resigned late last month after being accused of sending sexually explicit Internet messages to teenage boys working as congressional pages on Capitol Hill.

A bi-partisan House Ethics Committee is investigating which Republican congressional leaders knew about Foley's actions and when they first knew.

The scandal comes one month before key mid-term elections in which Democrats hope to regain one or both Houses of Congress.

On Monday, the Washington Post newspaper reported Foley's behavior may have been known by others in Congress as far back as 2000.

A spokeswoman for Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe said a former congressional page that year revealed messages from Foley that he said made him feel uncomfortable. The spokeswoman said Kolbe then took the matter up with fellow Republican Foley.