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Chinese Archaeologists Unearth Tombs from Ancient Warring State Period

China's official Xinhua news agency says archaeologists have unearthed several ancient tomb sites in the country's north and central region.

In northern China's Hebei province, excavators discovered seven tombs, including a grave of aristocrats, dating back some two-thousand years.

Six of the tombs dated back to the period known as the "Warring State", which ended in 221 B.C. when China was united under the Qin Emperor.

At another excavation site, located in central China's Henan province, archaeologists uncovered a cemetery for warriors, also dating back to the Warring State period. More than 200 tombs for (male) warriors were were unearthed there.

The Warring States period in China marked a time when several city-state kingdoms were battling for control of the vast Asian lands.