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Britons Organize Mass Blog to Record History

A charitable group in Britain is calling on the public to turn an ordinary day into a historical moment by contributing to the largest Internet diary on record.

History Matters, an umbrella group of several charities, designated Tuesday as a day for all Britons to record their lives' events in a mass blog or Weblog, a popular form of personal writings posted on the Internet and available to all.

The group chose October 17 specifically because it is a ordinary Tuesday of no particular significance and not the anniversary of any notable event in British history. History Matters says the plan is "to record the ordinary and mundane lives" of the nation's people, and by combining tens of thousands of contributions, to make a valuable addition to the history of our times.

History Matters is asking people to include in their online diaries, if possible, past experiences that echo on this day, or to recall how their personal histories affect their lives today.

History Matters plans to preserve the testimonies in the British Library as a record of the country's national life.

Blogs have become popular around the globe as free, Web-based places where people can record their thoughts and ideas.

Britons can submit their reflections to the group's Web site at

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.