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Kenyan President Dismisses Opposition Party Claims

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki says he is not to be blamed for the recent political wrangling in the country’s opposition parties. Deposed KANU party chairman Uhuru Kenyatta had accused President Kibaki and Justice Minister Martha Karua of orchestrating a coup to oust him from his position. Kenyatta also claimed that the alleged coup was part of a scheme by President Kibaki to rig next year's general elections.

Reacting to the allegations, Justice Minister Karua said Kenyatta’s accusations are childish.

“Those are just cry babies who mess themselves up and then look for someone to mop up their mess. A political party that can’t organize itself, and claims that outsiders are destabilizing it is not worth of being called a political party,” Karua said.

She said plans are far advanced to enact a new law that would regulate the political landscape in the country.

“We are bringing up the Political Parties Bill to try and regulate political parties and ensure that there is a law guiding them and it is quite nonsensical for anybody to suggest that their problems have anything to do with the government,” she noted.

Karua said the government has no business in meddling in the internal affairs of opposition parties.

“It is like they (opposition parties) expected the government to step in and assist them with their internal problems. But that’s not the role of the government. The government cannot even help the political party of the people in the cabinet. That is party business, not government business,” she said.

Karua dismissed Kenyatta’s accusations as absurd and envious of political gains made by President Kibaki.

“That is nonsensical, and it’s obvious that they know they are losing their grounds with the people, let alone now, the party core. So they already can sense it, even the polls that have been done in the country have shown a steady rise in the President’s popularity. They know they are losing it, so they are crying wolf. I think it’s time for matures politics,” Karua said.

She said the ruling party is doing all it can to win the next general elections.

“Let me say this, we are doing our best to do that. But in politics, you can never be one hundred percent sure. Democracy has its price, and the price is that you could lose. We are doing our best to win and the ground is good for us,” she said.

She said KANU has internal problems, which are yet to be fixed, and which raise their ugly head once in I while.

“A fact that must be known to all if not known is that Kenyatta got into KANU through rigging. (Former president Arap) Moi imposed him as a candidate; he was imposed on the party, which is what caused KANU’s disintegration in 2002,” she said.

Karua continued, “ Those wounds have never healed. It is the same crack that is showing. He is a student of democracy who has not performed very well in internal democracy in his party. He should just mop up the mess where he is and lay off false accusations,” Karua said.

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