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Buhari Characterizes Election As A Non-Election

In Nigeria, the opposition candidate who came in second in Saturday’s presidential polls continues to reject the official results. Mohammadu Buhari characterizes the polls as a non-election. Official results gave the former military ruler 6.6 million votes. In a telephone interview from the Nigerian capital Abuja, General Buhari told VOA reporter Douglas Mpuga that the election should be nullified. “The whole world, including Nigeria, cannot be wrong. All the reputable international observers that are here are satisfied that there were no elections in the majority of the states. And where there were elections the election materials were taken late,” he said.

Buhari disputed President Obasanjo’s assertion that although the election was not perfect, the results should not be declared null and void. “The whole election was declared null and void by the international community and Nigerians. So, Obasanjo’s voice alone cannot be against the whole world,” he said.

The former miltary ruler said the coalition of political parties has issued a statement rejecting the results of this election because, he said it was a non-election. “We have asked our supporters and all Nigerians not to accept the results of this election because there was no election in the country.”

He said his party (ANPP) apparatus has started to collect all evidence available and will turn it over to the tribunal. “We are trying to be constitutional in all our approaches, but a firm formal party position will be taken after full consultations,” he added.

Gen Buhari also dismissed offers of joining a unity government allegedly promised by the Katsina State Governor Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who was declared the winner of the controversial elections. “I don’t think there is any president-elect, we have totally rejected the [election] results. When the results were declared some states had not yet voted. All opposition parties did not sign the results as required by law. It is only PDP and Independent National electoral commission (INEC) that signed the results they have declared or the numbers that they have allotted,” he said.

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