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More Than 50 Missing in Indonesia Flooding

At least 50 people are dead or missing in central Indonesia after another day of flooding caused by heavy rains.

It has been raining for several days on the island of Sulawesi, about 1,700 kilometers northeast of the capital, Jakarta. Some 36,000 people there are now homeless.

Disaster workers Tuesday said the rain caused landslides that buried entire villages. The flooding destroyed hundreds of homes.

Indonesian rescue workers have found 29 bodies so far, but they say dozens more are missing, and were either swept away by flood waters or buried by landslides.

Officials say search teams bringing relief supplies and medicine cannot reach the disaster zone.

Environmental activists blame illegal logging and deforestation for making the soil loose and causing landslides.

Indonesia gets hit every year with heavy rains and landslides, particularly during the monsoon season.

Last year, floods killed more than 200 people in Central Sulawesi.