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Comoros Union Government Unhappy With Rebels Islands Talks 

The Union government of the Comoros Islands says it is disappointed that one of the president’s of the island met with embattled Anjouanese President Mohamed Bacar. The government said although it expects very little outcome of the controversial meeting, Abdouloihabi of Grande Comore should have come for consultation before taking matters in his own hands. Union President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi has described the controversial meeting as a stab in his back. President Sambi was reportedly hoping the African Union (AU) imposed sanctions would isolate Bacar.

The AU sanctions announced earlier this month included a travel ban on Anjouan leaders, the freezing of funds and the restriction of air and maritime links with the island.

Idi Nidhom is the vice President of the union government. From the capital, Moroni he tells reporter Peter Clottey that military force would be inevitable if the AU sanctions fail to achieve its targeted objective.

“The union government is really upset with this visit of one of the Islands president who went to visit Anjouan. He went to spend some few days in Anjouan, that’s his decision of his choice, what can we say? But we as government, we are busy to solve this Anjouanese problem once and for all,” Nidhom noted.

He said drastic measure would be taken if the objectives of the AU sanctions were not achieved within its stipulated time.

“The African Union has decided to take sanctions against those rebels, and if in 45 days he (Mohamed Bacar) has not changed his mind to maker people go into elections then an embargo would be done for Anjouan,” he said.

Nidhom said there is a chance the AU sanctions would not achieve the desired results.

“That is possible, you know, it possible, but if we don’t finish with the embargo what is left for the Comoros government to do is to do a military intervention in Anjouan, which is normal, and I think we can do it and we have to do it,” Nidhom pointed out.

He ruled out any for of negotiations with embattled Anjounese President Mohamed Bacar.

“Yes, that guy refuses to discuss any issue with the African Union, with the international community. What can we say to him? We have noting to talk with him. He has to go to leave to let the people to choose their next president, that’s all,” he said.

Nidhom said the meeting between Bacar and the president of Grande Comore is regrettable.

“No, no, I don’t share that view. If he has to go and discuss, to have a dialogue with Mohamed Bacar, he should have discussed with us, but he didn’t so far. He should have discussed that with President Sambi, and his government and then okay. But he just took his own initiative to go to discuss with Mohamed Bacar I wish him good luck. But we don’t expect much from that dialogue with Mohamed Bacar,” Nidhom said.