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Ghana’s Food Shortage Persists As Donor Attention Wanes   


The government of Ghana and aid agencies are warning that the food shortage situation in the country could get worse.

After an initial push to provide food for people affected by recent drought and heavy flooding in northern Ghana, donor attention seems to be waning.

According to the UN, preliminary assessments by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture suggest that the drought and floods affected thousands of hectares of farmland and as a result an estimated 144,000 tons of essential crops have been lost.

The worst affected areas, the Upper East, Upper West and Northern Region also happen to be the poorest parts of the country. Benonita Bismarck is head of operations of the Ghana Red Cross Society. From the capital, Accra she spoke to VOA reporter Akwei Thompson about the current food situation in the country.

“The food situation is quite serious, government is doing well by sending food up north and there are also problems with distribution,” said the head of operation of the Ghana Red Cross.

Bismarck noted the situation is widespread and a lot of communities have been affected. “For example, she explained, in Upper East, all eight districts were affected, and each district may have forty or so communities.”

The Red Cross official said the international community has been responsive, “…but because the food situation is so dire, it’s going to take several months for people to come back to where they were, may be even years.”