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Daughter  Of Former Nigerian President Goes  On Trial


A Nigerian senator and daughter of former president Olusegun Obasanjo has been declared wanted by the authorities. Senator Iyabo Obasano Bello has failed to show up in court to answer charges of corruption.

Bello is also wanted in the United States on charges of child kidnapping. She is one of several officials, including a former health minister, facing charges of diversion of millions of dollars of unspent government funds. English to Africa reporter Chinedu Offor spoke with Debo Adeniran, head of the group Coalition against Corrupt Leaders. Adeniran says the trials of allegedly corrupt officials will discourage serving officials from engaging in corrupt practices. He says the ongoing trials are in the interest of the country. “It is a welcome development. What we have been expecting is for the EFCC to move in and arrest and prosecute all those that have been mentioned in one scandal or the other.

The way they have conducted the present one, we really appreciate it; we believe that they are proving the skeptics wrong that maybe after the exit of the former chairman of the EFCC, things were no longer the same.” Adeniran expressed surprise at the absence of the former president’s daughter at her trial. “As a matter of fact, we thought they would have contacted the INTERPOL…where ever she is or [is] hiding. We heard she traveled to Ghana [but] anywhere she might be, they should make sure she is extradited so that she would come and answer questions on all the corrupt practices she has engaged herself in. She should be tried.”

Adeniran says claims that Bello is being tried to get to her father are false. “That is not true. The former president is a different personality from the daughter. The daughter is…answering questions that are relevant to her directly without getting into her relationship with the father.”