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Zimbabweans In South Africa React To Friday's  Vote

Just across the border in South Africa, Zimbabweans are keeping a close watch on developments in their country. Fazila Mohammed is a journalist and one of thousands of Zimbabweans who have fled because of the continuing violence. VOA English to Africa reporter Chinedu Offor sought her views on how the re-run election is playing out among Zimbabweans in South Africa.

“I spoke to some Zimbabweans who are working in the suburbs of Johannesburg. A lot of them are females working as domestic workers and in clubhouses where there are lots of waiters who are Zimbabweans. All feel there is not going to be any change and they just feel that elections are happening but there is no hope for Zimbabwe. From what they have been hearing from their families back home (there) is nothing positive and they say besides requests for more money and food, there is nothing else they have been hearing.”

Fazila says many Zimbabweans are finding comfort in each other’s company. “Many Zimbabweans have been working in South Africa for some time and then there have been many more Zimbabweans who have just come. A lot of people have gathered on their own and have decided to spend election day together waiting to see what happens. But there is also a divide: Some say Morgan Tsvangirai should have stood and gone for the election, and many (others) believe he made the correct decision.”

Fazila says the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has not formally reacted to the re-run elections. “There have been no official comments yet, but many Zimbabweans are also waiting to hear what South Africans are going to say at the end of the day.”