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Scholarship From Country Sends Student to Youngstown State University

Its all because of a scholarship which is why Abdul Aziz Almoajil is in the United States.“I’m from Saudi Arabia and I decided to come to the United States because in Saudi Arabia right now they are now offering scholarships for us to study in the United States. The Saudi Arabian government started this program, King Abdullah scholarship and they are sending students to a lot of countries the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, parts of Europe I’m not sure which countries they are sending students to and they are paying everything.”

Abdul attends Youngstown State University located in Youngstown, Ohio. He has completed his sophomore year and he says that several factors came into play as to why he chose this university over many others. “First, I didn’t know anything about Youngstown State University.I was looking for a university that was not highly competitive like something in between….not so hard, not so easy,” he says. “Also, the admission was easy and the student body is not big or small, but like in between and the most important thing was no Saudis in the university so I can learn English.

Having some skills in computers made it easy for Abdul to decide to major in that field.His biggest challenge he says has been the English Language. “Its computer science and I’ve choose my major because anybody can program me, I’ve grown up using computers all day like since I was eight or nine, I was fascinated by them,” he says.“I have some programming experience in high school. At first I was a little bit anxious everything was new for me, but I’ve learned a lot of things like how to make contract for the dorms and language was at first an issue for me, but then it became easy after I learned the language issue.”

There is no question for Abdul that having good English skills is important. He says that alone is one reason why studying in the United States is essential to him. “Right now most companies even out of the United States one of their requirements for employees is to have good English skills so it’s so important for me so I can improve my English and also it has one of the best universities.”

Adbul says he will graduate in 2011. He says he may continue his masters studies here in the states, but he isn't too sure just what he will do. Another, however he has a few ideas in mind. “I think I’ll like when I graduate I have to go back to Saudi Arabia because I am a scholarship student, but I will try to apply for an optional training program if they allow me, the American government I will work for a year under the optional training program and if they don’t I will go back go to Saudi Arabia and find a job.”

When asked what advice he would give other international students about studying in the United States, Adbul says... “I advise them not to hesitate at all, not to feel any fear of being over here and being alone, not having any fear of the language, people over here are very friendly, they communicate very well they are willing to help and I really encourage them to come over here and improve their English and if they don’t have any at all to learn English and to graduate from over here.”