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Ousted Honduran President Threatens 'Generalized Violence'

The ousted president of Honduras has threatened violence against the interim government if he is not restored to power.

Manuel Zelaya, in a Nicaraguan television interview, said Friday there will be "generalized violence" if the coup is not reversed.

Meanwhile, Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, who has been hosting Mr. Zelaya, warned the Honduras interim government that Nicaragua's forces are prepared to fight if attacked.

Earlier Friday, the interim leader of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, said there is no way ousted President Zelaya will return to office, dampening hopes of a negotiated settlement to the political crisis in Honduras.

The country has been politically divided since Mr. Zelaya was forced from office and flown out of the country on June 28. The military says he was illegally trying to change the constitution to extend his term.

Supporters of the ousted president took to the streets of the Honduran capital again Friday. The Associated Press reports that police fired tear gas at demonstrators who blocked the main highway out of Tegucigalpa.

At least 88 people were arrested on Thursday during similar protests.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.