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Obama: Good Journalism Vital to Future

U.S. President Barack Obama challenged Americans to demand good journalism, saying the future depends on it.

Mr. Obama told an auditorium filled with influential journalists Wednesday that quality reporting is vital to democracy and society.

President Obama spoke during a memorial service in New York City for the legendary CBS network news anchor Walter Cronkite, who died at age 92 last month.

Mr. Obama said Cronkite understood it was more important to get a story right, rather than to get it first.

He said intense competition in the media has forced cutbacks even as the demand for news grows, with 24-hour news cycles driven by new technology and a demand for profits.

Mr. Obama said too often the void is filled with instant commentary, celebrity gossip and less important stories.

The president called on journalists to demand a return to quality reporting based on substance.

Cronkite, who delivered news to Americans during the 1960s and 70s, came to be known as the most trusted voice in America.

The memorial service featured musical performances by a variety of artists and tributes from Cronkite's friends, colleagues in the news business, and former President Bill Clinton.