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Bush Criticized on Middle East Policy - 2001-08-12

The Bush administration is rejecting criticism of its Middle East policy. During a nationally broadcast interview, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said President Bush and his top aides are actively engaged in the search for peace.

Some Arab leaders say the Bush administration is not doing enough to bring peace to the region. Andrew Card says that is just not so. "There is an awful lot of work being done and the United States has committed huge resources to try to find a way to bring the level of violence down so people can move forward with the Mitchell plan," Mr. Card said. "And that is what we should be doing."

Mr. Card spoke on the ABC television news program This Week shortly after word reached Washington of yet another suicide bombing in Israel.

He said there is "horrible violence" in the Middle East. And he said a way must be found to bring it to a halt.

In Sunday's incident, a suicide bomber blew himself up on the patio of a restaurant near the coastal city of Haifa. About 20 people were reported injured.