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Special Pin Produced for Salt Lake Games

The 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic organizers are having a special pin produced to raise money for terrorism relief efforts. The "We Stand United" pin was unveiled Monday, and Salt Lake Organizing Committee president Mitt Romney said they already have orders for 20,000. He said they will make as many pins as they can sell. The pins will raise money for the September 11th Fund.

Salt Lake Olympics spokeswoman Caroline Shaw told VOA Sports the pins will be available for general sale worldwide on Thursday. "The pin is available through SLOC's web site at," said Mrs. Shaw. "It costs $5 and all the proceeds go directly to the September 11th Fund, which was established by the United Way and the New York community Trust."

Aminco International won't make Olympic organizers pay for the first 10,000 pins it manufactures. It then will charge 38 cents per pin for the cost of materials. The rest of the money will go to the fund for the victims of last week's terrorist attacks in New York and here in the nation's capital.