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British PM Takes Terror Agenda to European Neighbors - 2001-09-19

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is beginning a European tour aimed at outlining an agenda for the fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Blair is visiting Berlin, Paris and Brussels this week to show there is a united European front against terrorism.

He also will see President Bush in Washington and he will visit the scene of the destruction in New York.

Before departing London Wednesday, Mr. Blair explained his goals. "The most important thing is to demonstrate that the coalition against international terrorism not merely has support, but that support is growing, that it encompasses nations in all continents, including Arab nations as well, that is has support of people of all faiths and support of people of all democratic political persuasions," he said.

Mr. Blair said the fight against terrorism will not be limited to the capture of those responsible for last week's attacks in the United States. "We then need as an international community to sit down and work out in a systematic, clearheaded way, how we take action against every aspect of this new phenomenon of mass international terrorism," he said.

In that regard, Britain's treasury secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, has announced a crackdown on financial transactions linked to possible terrorist networks. "The actions on money laundering and the sources of terrorist funds, we will step that up," he said. "I want there to be no safe haven for terrorists. I want there also to be no hiding place for terrorists' money."

British authorities on Tuesday closed one bank account in London and have issued a list of individuals whose accounts should be monitored.