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Another Uncertain Week Ahead on Wall Street - 2001-10-14

Wall Street begins a new week of trading with stocks recovering from the shock of last month's terrorist attacks. But the uncertainty following September 11 is still palpable among investors, and few analysts are making hard predictions about short-term market activity.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average starts the week at 9,344, having gained 2.5 last week. The tech-weighted Nasdaq composite is 6 percent higher.

But these are turbulent times for the U.S. markets, as they struggle for their gains. A new case of anthrax discovered in New York City and announced Friday was the latest unsettling event, as images of bio-terror haunt investors.

Business and financial television networks seem to be spending almost as much time interviewing medical doctors since September 11 as they do investment strategists. It may look unusual. But experts say it is not surprising. External events, other than economic data and corporate profits, have always impacted financial markets.

And that is what analysts expect the future to look like on Wall Street, at least for a while.