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Northern Alliance Calls for Greater Coordination of Efforts - 2001-11-06

The Northern Alliance is calling for greater coordination of the war effort in Afghanistan, as the United States bombards Taleban front lines in the north of the country.

For the second week, American B-52 bombers pounded Taleban front-line positions in northern Afghanistan. Washington says its air campaign is proving successful because there is no anti-aircraft fire from the Taleban front lines.

But Northern Alliance Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said Monday that a ground offensive would have to wait until there is greater coordination between American and Afghan forces. He said a Northern Alliance attack on Kabul, the capital, or in the north would depend on this coordination.

Fighting is continuing in the northwest, around the strategic town of Mazar-e-Sharif, where Northern Alliance troops are fighting in a pocket surrounded by Taleban forces.

Mr. Abdullah said that the Northern Alliance has taken the village of Ak-Kupruk and moved into the next village of Kishinve on the road to Mazar-e-Sharif.

The Taleban have previously disputed Northern Alliance claims of victories in this region, saying it is winning back towns after fierce fighting.