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Mail Delivery Resumes At White House After Anthrax Scare

Mail was delivered to the White House Friday for the first time in over a month. Deliveries of Presidential mail had been halted after traces of anthrax were discovered on a postal machine.

Mail service returned to the White House with all of the letters exposed to radiation to kill any biological contaminates. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said the resumption of mail delivery will be gradual at first but should be back up to regular levels sometime next week.

White House mail was suspended October 23 when investigators found traces of anthrax on a machine that opens the President's mail at a military facility several miles away. That facility was closed. All of its employees and workers in the White House mail room were tested for anthrax. None tested positive for exposure. Air samples taken throughout the White House also came-up negative.

Two Washington-area postal workers died from anthrax after investigators believe they handled an anthrax-contaminated letter delivered to Capitol Hill.