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Some Super Bowl Fans Still Searching for Tickets

The National Football League's championship game is just one day away, It's coming down to the wire for fans who still need tickets to see Super Bowl XXXVI. Diehard fans are often willing to pay huge sums of money for a ticket to the big game.

Bourbon Street was rocking as Super Bowl XXXVI approached, but even more important than the parties was the quest for Super Bowl tickets. Rams and Patriots fans were united in the desire to somehow get in to see the big game.

One group of Rams fans told VOA Sports that they gladly paid a scalper nearly $2,000 each for the coveted tickets.

Dan Dubois of New Bedford, Massachusetts, has been a Patriots fan for 15 years, but has never seen them play in the Super Bowl. He traveled to New Orleans for the game, but unlike some fans, he has a firm limit on what he will pay for a ticket.

"I'm not sure whether I'm going to go to the game or not. If I can afford it I'll go. If I cannot afford it, I'm not going to go," he says. "Face value is $400, I would not go over double what they cost. I would not go over 800."

But whether he attends the game or not, Dan still has confidence in the 14-point underdogs from New England. "You can't underestimate the Patriots. They have been shoved on the back burner [treated as secondary] all year, no respect given to them," he says, "and they have proven everyone wrong to this point, and I do not see why they won't prove everybody wrong again. I'm going to say 32-24, Patriots."

On Sunday, we'll learn if Dan's prediction was based on football knowledge, or too many Bourbon Street beverages.