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UNITA: Two Top Rebel Officials Captured - 2002-03-20


Representatives of Angola's UNITA rebels say government forces have captured at least two top leaders of the movement.

UNITA representatives in Europe say the rebel group's secretary general (Paulo Lukamba Gato) and its foreign secretary (Alicides Sakala) were captured last week.

The Angolan government has yet to respond to the report.

On Friday, the Angolan army said the government and UNITA had agreed to a truce and cease-fire talks. However, UNITA officials outside Angola called the truce a sham staged with captured officers from the rebel army.

Last month, long-time UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi was killed in a clash with government troops, raising hopes for peace in Angola. UNITA has been fighting the government for most of the years since Angola achieved independence in 1975.