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Britain Remembers Queen Mother

Britain is mourning the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth. She died on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Her life was the history of the 20th century. Born a commoner, she married a man who seemed never destined to become King, George VI.

Having lived through the dramatic events which changed all our lives, she was admired by Britons of all generations. To those old enough to remember World War II, her braveness shown at the height of the blitz in London endeared her to many. And to younger people here, she was simply seen as the grandmother to the nation.

Tributes have been pouring in from around the world. From average people, to leading politicians, to religious leaders, the story is the same.

George Carey, the archbishop of Canterbury summed up the qualities she had which touched the lives of many. "I think the common touch. Her love of people," he said. "Her great service to the nation. Her life really falls into two halves. The first of course growing up and then suddenly snatched into such influence and power as the Queen. And then supporting her husband, helping him with that terrible stammer he had. And standing alongside him during the war years. And then suddenly death. Death of her husband. And then the second half, supporting her daughter as queen and standing back from the limelight."

Known affectionately as the Queen Mom in Britain, she loved her pet dogs, loved to bet on horse races and enjoyed the odd bit of alcohol. These aspects of her life resonated with average citizens here who are sad to see her go.

With her daughter at her side, she died on the grounds of her beloved Windsor Castle.

Her coffin will be moved to Westminster Hall where she will lie in state until she is laid to rest in St. George's chapel, next to her husband at Windsor.

Her passing happened less than two months after the death of her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret.

Mourning has already begun with many arriving at Buckingham Palace and Windsor with floral tributes.

The Queen Mother, the maternal head of the British monarchy, dead at 101.