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Bush Pledges to Help Spain's Anti-Terrorism Effort - 2002-05-04

President Bush had a working breakfast Saturday with the Spanish Prime Minister. The men discussed the fight against terrorism.

The president and Mrs. Bush welcomed Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and his wife Anna to the presidential retreat at Camp David. The couples had dinner Friday evening. Prime Minister Aznar and his wife spent the night before his Saturday breakfast meeting with President Bush.

White House officials said the men discussed trade between their countries and the European Union. President Bush said he is grateful for Spain's support in the war against terrorism as the countries continue to work together sharing intelligence on suspected terrorists.

In earlier remarks with the Prime Minister, President Bush said "terror is terror" and must be fought wherever it exists. He offered more help to Spain's fight against armed separatists from the group known as ETA.

Prime Minister Aznar said President Bush made it clear there are no differences among terrorists, all of whom, he said, are seeking to destroy democratic freedoms. He says terrorists attacking New York or Washington are the same as those who plant bombs in Madrid.

More than 800 peole have died in ETA's 30-year fight for an independent Basque homeland in the provinces of northwestern Spain and southwestern France.