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8 Dead in India Train Wreck

In northern India, relief and rescue workers are at the scene of a train derailment, where at least eight people are dead and more than 70 injured.

The passenger train was on its way from New Delhi to the eastern Bihar state when the accident occurred.

Many of the passengers were sleeping when 13 of the train's 24 cars went off the tracks in Uttar Pradesh state early Sunday. Most of the victims were in four cars that overturned after derailing. The injured have been taken to hospitals.

Search and rescue teams are working at the site. Railway Minister Nitish Kumar says the accident could have been caused by a defect either in the track or on a small bridge which the train was crossing. He says sabotage also cannot be ruled out. An investigation has been ordered.

Nearly 11,000 trains travel daily across India's extensive rail network. More than 300 accidents, most of them minor, take place every year. Experts say the surge in passenger traffic, and the slow pace of modernization has made the system vulnerable to accidents. Rail officials say at least half the accidents are caused by human error.