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Brazil Celebrates Victory Over Turkey - 2002-06-26

Brazilians are wildly celebrating their national football team's victory Thursday over Turkey, which puts Brazil into Sunday's World Cup championship against Germany.

Cheers and samba music broke out at the end of the game, as Brazilians around the country celebrated the victory. Normal business activity had come to a stop in cities like Rio de Janeiro, as people huddled around television sets to watch the match.

Anticipation is now building for Sunday, when Brazil faces Germany for the championship. Brazil, a four time Cup winner, stands a good chance of becoming a champion a fifth time. So far, the national team's performance has elated its fans, who had been pessimistic at the outset of this World Cup because of the team's lackluster showing in qualifying matches.

But with each victory these past weeks, hopes have climbed higher, and now most Brazilians believe their team will come home triumphant.