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Brazilian Musicians Display Creativity on the Internet - 2002-08-01

Music lovers in Brazil are coming together on the Internet to create new music unhindered by constraints of traditional music publishing. The movement is starting to attract neophyte composers as far away as Eastern Europe.

This is a remix of a classic soccer song well known by Brazilians. The result is titled Boasting Delirium. The website where it's found is called re:combo as in recombining music, without any barriers.

Technology reporter Paulo Rebelo says it attracts music lovers who feel liberated by the Internet.

"It's basically people who are involved with computers, Internet and music. There are some singers, local singers from Recife, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and some professors, history professors. For them, re:combo is a kind of part-time job since they don't make money from re:combo so they all have different jobs and they usually work for re:combo at night or during their free time on weekends."

This song is Com Certeza eu Vou, meaning I'll go for sure.

Sergio Angelim, a software developer by day, used a friend's message on his answering machine as a starting point. The resident of Recife in northeastern Brazil explains that re:combo has evolved into a community based on sharing and creativity.

"The whole basis for the experience is intellectual generosity and open environment for people to work on a project without being tied to any kind of contract or anything," he said. "So when we open the content that re:combo produces so people can get the content themselves change it and recombine it and do different things and so we expect to get this back and produce new things again and so it improves."

Periodically, re:combo organizes what is termed a "Call for Noise." Web surfers are asked to contribute material, music but also graphics and videos. These are then sampled in a live d.j. session.

The last call for noise attracted neophyte music composers from as far away as Romania, and Mr. Angelim says there are no limits.

"The ideal scenario in the future would be like a world tour in a day. Re:combo in every city, just playing the group's material. I mean if you just have just one person in a city, two people in a city, you can get together and make a show, a presentation, and call it a re:combo as long as the material is produced by the group, by everyone."

One of the recent calls for noise produced this mysterious samba mix.

Photos courtesy Arttoday