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VOA Snapshot: VOA in the Post 9-11 Era - 2002-09-04

A VOA Snapshot - Part of VOA's 60th Anniversary Year Coverage

A significant turning point in VOA's history came just a few months before our 60th anniversary. The September 11 attacks led to a new focus on broadcasting to Muslim countries, and an extensive news coverage effort to report on the War Against Terrorism. President Bush spoke about the new era at VOA's 60th Anniversary celebration in February. "Through a World War and a Cold War, in crisis and calm, Voice of America has added to the momentum of freedom," he said. "Now, in a new conflict, I'm proud to say that the Voice of America still speaks strongly and clearly. To people whose governments broadcast messages of bigotry and hate, the Voice of America sends a message of tolerance and respect."

President Bush renewed the commitment to VOA News integrity, but added ..."The Voice of America is not neutral between America and America's enemies, between terrorism and those who defend themselves against terror, between freedom and tyranny."

Former VOA Director Robert Reilly, who began his leadership of VOA just a month after the September 11 attacks, says they made VOA's work all the more important. "The attack on the United States occurred in part because of a misunderstanding as to who we are and what the character of the American people is, Mr. Reilly said. "As has been seen by the world since 9-11, the United States has been misunderstood in terms of its resolve and in terms of the character of the American people."

And Former Director Reilly says increased VOA broadcasting meets a need. He notes that our listenership rises dramatically in troubled areas during crisis periods like the past year.

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