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Shipping May be Targeted for Terror Attack, warns Navy

The U.S. Navy is warning commercial shippers in the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa regions of a possible al-Qaida terrorist attack. American forces in the region are also on a heightened state of alert.

The U.S. Navy warning is based on what are termed unconfirmed reports of planned al-Qaida terrorist attacks on oil tankers transiting the Gulf and the Horn of Africa.

While the Navy says it has no specific details on the timing or the means of the planned attacks, and acknowledges there are no indications any attack is imminent, it warns the threat should be taken seriously.

A Navy statement says U.S.-led coalition forces have been alerted to the threat, and are currently on patrol.

In the meantime, defense sources say U.S. forces in Bahrain have been placed on the highest state of alert, with forces elsewhere in the region on increased alert status. The sources link the move to credible threats of a possible terrorist attack.