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Californians Prepare for 'Golden State' World Series - 2002-10-19

Californians are gearing up for the first game of the world series, when the San Francisco Giants face the Anaheim Angels in Anaheim Saturday. The series revives an old rivalry between Northern and Southern California.

San Francisco has museums and opera. Anaheim has Disneyland, where spokesman Matt Ebeling got ready for a rally Friday evening. "We're so proud of our Anaheim Angels going to the series for the first time in the history of the ball club. And then to go up against a team like San Francisco, I think it's going to be a great match up," he said.

Earlier this week, Anaheim mayor Tom Daly conferred by telephone with Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco. Both cities are tourist destinations, and Mr. Daly proposed a bet and an exchange after the series. "When the Angles beat the Giants, that a deserving family here from the Anaheim/Orange County area pay a visit to San Francisco for the weekend, and the same in return," he said.

San Francisco's Willie Brown agreed but said that, given his city's attractions, the Anaheim residents may want to stay in his city longer.

Stadium officials in Anaheim say game tickets for Saturday are sold out, but hopeful fans are waiting in line anyway. And a local radio station awarded a pair of tickets to the contestant who ate the most hot dogs in 90 seconds.

Angels fan Jack Johnson won the contest by eating four.

"I'm going to the series"

Californians who can't get into the game will be watching on television.