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Police Investigate Latest Washington-Area Sniper Shooting - 2002-10-20

Police are investigating a shooting late Saturday near Washington, D.C., to see if it is connected to a gunman who has killed nine people in a little more than two weeks. The unsolved sniper shootings have gotten the attention of top federal officials.

Secretary of State Colin Powell was asked about the gunman on the television program Fox News Sunday. Mr. Powell said it is conceivable the sniper shootings are tied to the terrorist organization, al-Qaida, "but I have seen no evidence to tie this terrible series of attacks in the Washington area to al Qaida. I think we are looking for every possible connection. But so far, have seen nothing that does tie it to al Qaida," said the secretary of state.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, also appearing on Fox, agreed that the random shootings were probably not the work of an international terrorism group, but he said the attacks on people going about their everyday lives are terrorism all the same.

Mr. Daschle said the shooter, who remains at large, has struck concern among parents and frustration among law enforcement officials, who have come up with very few leads in the case.