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Bush Renews Call for Strong UN Resolution on Iraq - 2002-10-26

President Bush says any United Nations resolution on Iraq must include the threat of "consequences" if Saddam Hussein does not agree to give up weapons of mass destruction. France and Russia say such language could trigger military action.

President Bush wants a U.N. resolution warning of "serious consequences" if Iraq does not agree to a full disclosure of its weapons programs within 30 days.

Mr. Bush Friday asked Chinese leader Jiang Zemin to support that plan, again saying U.N. credibility is on the line if it does not deal effectively with Saddam Hussein.

"We won't accept a resolution which prevents us from doing exactly what I have told the American people is going to happen," he said. "If the U.N. won't act and if Saddam won't disarm, we will lead a coalition to disarm him."

Following talks at the president's Texas ranch, the Chinese leader did not say what he thinks about the U.S. plan.

Britain supports it. Russia and France oppose it. Russia says voting on that resolution now would be "counterproductive."

France still favors a two-step approach: one resolution outlining demands; the second, if necessary, authorizing force if those demands are not met.