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Report Released on Ukraine's Alleged Arms Sales to Iraq - 2002-11-05

U.S. and British experts have submitted what is being called a critical report on Ukraine's alleged arms sales to Iraq. The long-awaited report could have serious ramifications for President Leonid Kuchma's government, as well as U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

A Ukrainian parliamentary spokesman and close ally of President Kuchma says the U.S. and British experts want more conclusive evidence Ukraine did not sell an early warning radar system to Iraq, in violation of U.S. sanctions.

The officials said the international experts remain unconvinced of Ukraine's professed innocence. He said he has seen the report he describes as critical.

President Kuchma has repeatedly denied personally approving the sale of the system, which could complicate any U.S.-led military strike on Iraq.

The experts' report is expected to help the United States determine whether to take further punitive measures against Ukraine. Last month, the United States suspended some $54 million in aid to Ukraine, as part of an ongoing