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Suspects Named in Indonesia Attacks - 2002-11-13

Indonesia police investigating last month's Bali bombings have named four new suspects in the case, bringing the total number of suspects to seven. And, in a related development, an Indonesian court ruled on Monday that the earlier arrest of Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir was legal. VOA-TV’s George Dwyer has more on the ongoing investigation in Indonesia.

Monday’s ruling is seen as a major boost for police, who arrested Mr. Bashir for alleged involvement in a series of church bombings and a plot to kill the Indonesia president. Indonesian officials also believe Mr. Bashir could be linked to the terror bombings in Bali last month, but police say their interrogation of the 64-year-old Muslim cleric has been hindered by his ill health and his reluctance to cooperate. Mr. Bashir has consistently denied any links to terrorism, and his lawyers have filed suit claiming his arrest was not lawful.

Meanwhile, the head of the Indonesian task force investigating the deadly bombing attacks in Bali last month says the chief suspect in the case studied under Mr. Bashir in neighboring Malaysia. According to police, the suspect, identified only as Amrozi, took religious lessons from Mr. Bashir in the late 1990s.

Indonesian officials say Mr. Amrozi has confessed to a role in the October 12th blasts, and is believed to be a member of Jemaah Islamiyah, a regional group with alleged links to al-Qaida.