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Hijacker Arrested in France

A man described by French police as mentally unbalanced tried to hijack an Alitalia flight Wednesday. He was arrested after the flight was diverted to Lyon. No one was hurt.

The Alitalia flight was headed for Paris from Bologna, Italy. Passengers told the French all-news channel LCI that, while the plane was over Switzerland, a man described by police as a 30-year-old Italian suddenly jumped up and yelled, "I have a bomb. I am a terrorist, I support al-Qaida. I am hijacking the plane."

The pilot diverted the flight to the French city of Lyon. After all the passengers, with the exception of the would-be hijacker, left the plane, police rushed it, and arrested the man. Police sources describe him as perhaps mentally unbalanced.

There were no injuries reported to the other 66 passengers or the seven crew members.