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Bush Radio Address Encourages Volunteerism - 2002-11-30

President Bush says the Thanksgiving season in America should inspire more people to volunteer in their communities.

President Bush used his weekly radio address to encourage more Americans to volunteer at food programs for low-income families or reading programs for children.

He said it is part of sharing the blessings of a Thanksgiving season made more poignant by the nation's fight against terrorism. "The blessings we have received take on special meaning in this time of challenge for our country," said the president. "Over the last year, millions of Americans have found renewed appreciation for our liberty and for the men and women who serve in its defense."

The president asked all Americans to consider how they can give someone in need a reason to be thankful in this holiday season and throughout the year. "Taking time to count our own blessings reminds us that many people struggle every day: men, women, and children facing hunger, homelessness, illness, addiction, or despair," he said. "These are not strangers. They are fellow Americans needing comfort, love, and compassion."

He urged Americans to find out more about how they can volunteer in their communities and around the world through a program he created earlier this year called USA Freedom Corps.