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Deadly Terrorist Attack Averted in Kabul - 2002-12-05

Afghan Authorities in Kabul, say they narrowly averted a deadly terrorist attack Thursday when they discovered explosives hidden in a mosque. The explosives were reportedly found just before special prayers were to begin for Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Officials at Afghanistan's Interior Ministry say four kilograms of explosives and two grenades were found in a sack at the Pul-I-Khisti mosque in the heart of Kabul's old city.

The explosives were reportedly found just as more than 1,000 worshippers were getting ready to enter the historic blue domed structure to begin the three-day Eid festival, which marks the end of month-long Ramadan fasting period.

Officials of the International Security Assistance Force, who are responsible for security in an around Kabul had no comment on the report Thursday.

The citizens of Kabul have been on edge recently with reports of about a dozen small rockets fired on the city from unspecified locations. There have been no claims of responsibility for the attacks which so far, have not killed injured anyone.

In September a car bomb exploded in the heart of the city center killing more than 20 people.