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UN Weapons Inspectors Widen Search in Iraq

U.N. weapons inspectors fanned out to several locations in Iraq Tuesday in their busiest day of searching for weapons of mass destruction since resuming inspections November 27.

One inspection team traveled 400 kilometers to Iraq's border with Syria Tuesday to check out a closed uranium mining site, while another team went to a facility near Baghdad that could be used to enrich uranium.

For the third time inspectors visited the al-Tuwaitha nuclear complex, which had been considered Iraq's primary nuclear development facility. There are more than 100 buildings at the site and inspectors have said they want to examine the contents of every one of them.

Another inspection team traveled 65 kilometers south of Baghdad to a chemical company while other inspectors visited several sites including a laboratory associated with Iraq's biological warfare program before 1991, a complex used to build missile guidance systems and a military training center.

More inspectors are due to arrive in Baghdad Tuesday. The U.N. hopes to have about 100 inspectors there by the end of December.

Iraqi officials were quoted Tuesday as saying they are finding the inspectors to be working in a calm and professional manner.