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Analysis Of Obasanjo Primary Victory - 2003-01-06

President Obasanjo wins a crushing victory in his fight to become the presidential nominee of his party.

English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey spoke with Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, a political analyst and former Nigerian foreign minister, from Lagos.

He said Mr. Obasanjo won the nomination of the People’s Democratic Party because in most cases a ruling party does not disown its own sitting president.

Professor Akinyemi said winning the delegates’ votes does not mean Mr. Obasanjo is going to actually win the presidential election in April. He said during the campaign debates, he may have to face the opposition candidates.

Professor Akinyami said that in order to be re-elected, the president may have to explain to the electorate alleged widespread dissatisfaction of corruption, violence and poverty. The professor said there are about thirty political parties in Nigeria, and, depending on whom the opposition parties choose collectively or individually as their flag-bearers, he could see a tough and interesting election ahead. Click above links to download or listen to interview.