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Opposition Democrats Continue to Criticize Bush Economic Plan - 2003-01-08

President Bush's proposed $674-billion economic stimulus plan has come under renewed criticism from Democrats in Congress.

In the hours before the President's speech, Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives continued to criticize Mr. Bush's plan. "You cannot point to a single new job that will be created in the private sector by the President's plan except perhaps for stock brokers," said Congressman James Oberstar from Minnesota.

That criticism was echoed by Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt, who is running for President in 2004.

President Bush says his plan will create over two million jobs, and inject needed energy into the economy by eliminating taxes on stock dividends.

Democrats say the White House proposals will favor wealthy Americans, and worsen deficits, and have put forward their own $136-billion plan they say will be fairer to lower and middle class Americans.